Regular Mops are the regualr household mops used in day to day life and are good at reaching tight spaces and corners at your house or office space. Regular mops are of good quality and affordable.


Industrial Mops are used in harsh and stress condition cleaning, where there is a need for cleaning and hygiene to be maintained at industries, our EcleanMop industrial cleaning solution range is there for rescue.


Special Floor Cleaning mops are specialized for specific cleaning and hygiene operations and build to deliver the quality of reach and hygiene together.  

We at Eclean are the pioneers in creating mop solution for every need and every spaces.

Enjoy the best
and FUNCTIONS combined together

The Eclean Mops cleaning solutions are always at their best to deliver the quality of products with a range and also with highly specialized expertise in the field of cleaning solution.

We also pay attention to the design and looks of the product, which is appealing to the eyes and with subtle and catchy vibrant colors. It is your choice to go for your mix and match of selection of design and colors.